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A New, Simplified & Profitable Import Program

WP Wine Imports has developed a unique, new import program to enhance the ability of small family, boutique wineries across Europe to reach the U.S. consumer. By developing relationships with small, specialty U.S. wine distributors WP Wine Imports assists these small, family wineries to reach the market in a more efficient manner. The U.S. is the largest wine market in the world and opportunities abound, the WP Wine Imports model was developed to allow more wineries to participate profitably in this competitive environment.

Winegrowing and winemaking have changed dramatically over the past century, while wine distribution in the U.S. has not. The biggest change has been the massive consolidation in the distribution area that has limited opportunities for smaller wineries to navigate the market and reach the consumer. Our program is designed to minimize many of the roadblocks that both the European wineries and the U.S. importers face in building a profitable business.

If you are a winery that is currently considering offering your wines in the U.S. market, contact WP Wine Imports and discover how we can broaden your distribution while limiting your financial risk.

If you are a U.S. Wine Distributor who would like to expand their business with highly rated wines and minimize their inventory requirements contact WP Wine Imports and discover how we can broaden your product selection while lowering your financial risk.



Real People, Real Wineries... Real Wine!

Every winery we represent has a full web presence within our web site. This includes a detailed English language web presence within the WP Wine Imports web site. These winery specific sites include an introductory page providing the history of the winery and the family, including an introductory video if the winery agrees to provide it, and photos of the winery and its principals. In addition, each wine the winery wishes to offer in the US market will have a detailed listing including a bottle shot (photos must be provided by the winery), technical information, and updated award listings. As many wines as the winery wishes to offer for U.S. distribution will be included. Distributor pricing will be shown for each wine that is available.

Distributors, after registration and verification of their licensing will have full access to the site. This will include all of the information about each winery and each wine as well as current pricing and the ability to place orders for the wines.


Consumer vs Distributor... What You See

Consumers will have limited access to the site. The consumer will have access to the information about each winery and each wine with only a "Suggested Retail" price visible. Distributors will be listed on the site by state, winery, and wine, if a consumer wishes to purchase the wine they can contact the listed geographic distributor and find out where this wine is sold in their area. Consumers will not have the ability to purchase from this web site.

To promote this new distribution model, we have developed a partnership with major online beverage listing services. We will be working with these 21st Century versions of the traditional monthly beverage listing publications to reach a broad cross section of specialty wine distributors across the U.S. Our goal is to continue to build a network of wine knowledgeable, wine educated distributors covering the U.S. from coast to coast.


It’s Time For Distribution to Make A Breakthrough

We all know that today's business world is dominated by technology: the internet, spreadsheets, word processing, email, and so much more. But, the wine industry has always been a sales-first industry. Sure, we might use a tablet to place orders or a smartphone to scan barcodes, WP Wine Imports is taking a big step in applying today's technology to the importer/distribution model to improve this process and increase its efficiency.

A winery that adopts the 21st Century model of WP Wine Imports distribution can reach a larger percentage of the U.S. market with less financial exposure and more frequent shipments to market.

Utilizing the 21st Century model of WP Wine Imports a distributor can increase their product selection, lower inventory requirements, improve cash flow, and reduce out of stocks. The benefits of these improvements allows you to service more customers more efficiently.

WP Wine Imports wants to join with you in making this sales-first industry more efficient and more profitable. Reach a larger audience more efficiently and more profitably. Ultimately you will have more satisfied customers purchasing more product and reordering more frequently.

Isn't that what we all want to accomplish?

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